Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Noor & Sons Rug Gallery we take rug cleaning very seriously. Getting your oriental rug skillfully washed is the best way to revive the original feelings of love you had for your carpet. A professionally cleaned rug is bright and lustrous and ready to give you years more pleasure. Here are the steps we take to clean and protect your rugs:

  1. EXTENSIVE, THOROUGH INSPECTION & DOCUMENTATION: The inspection will reveal whether a rug is machine woven or handmade, what its likely country of origin is, and its fiber contents. These factors are important for a determination of the rug’s suitability for washing.Visible pre-existing conditions such as tea-wash, old spotting attempts, tears, sun-fade, residue from past cleanings, unraveling, excessive soiling, stain, and other damage will be noted and discussed with the client prior to cleaning.
  2. DIE TESTING: Bleeding of dyes during washing is an occasional occurrence and is caused many factors. It is not possible these days to look at a rug and determine by inspection alone that the dyes will not bleed. This is why we test every rug before cleaning. If we determine that your rug’s dyes are likely to migrate, we will discuss alternative cleaning methods with you.
  3. DUSTING: Particulate matter is removed from the rug by a process called “dusting” prior to washing. Careful dusting is a crucial step in the cleaning of your rugs. We explain how dusting is done on our Rug Care Tips page.
  4. WASHING: Rugs are next washed with flowing water and given a gentle bath. This bath thoroughly cleanses, refreshes and brightens the rug. The soap is a neutral balanced solution that has been customized for your rug based on our testing of its color and fibers.
    The rug will also be conditioned in appropriate cases.
  5. DRYING: Water is removed as much as possible from rugs with a squeegee. The rugs are then hung to be dried naturally. In some cases, we may determine that it is safer to dry the rug flat.

As a result of our careful attention to this exacting rug cleaning process, all of our clients for whom we’ve washed rugs are delighted with our work.

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