Lifetime Exchange Service

Noor & Sons Rug Gallery guarantees that any hand knotted rug, purchased by any of our clients, has full exchange privileges with no time limit. At any time, any hand knotted rug may be exchanged for full store credit of original purchase price.

The customer will be liable for the cost of cleaning at the time of exchange. Any damage due to heavy use, accident, fading or staining will decrease the exchange credit.

We recommend strongly that rugs be brought to us for periodic (typically three to five years) cleaning and restoration. We will choose the most appropriate wash or repair system and supervise the work to be done properly. We do not offer cash refunds on any purchase for any reason.

Clients must pay for cleaning at the time of exchange. The client also pays for all padding, shipping, pick-up, and delivery and installation charges. Exchange credit cannot be used toward these charges.

Imagine, ten years from now you buy a new house. You bring in your rug and exchange it for a new one that will fit the size, style, and color requirements of your new home.

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