Khotan rug

Price: $1,850.00
  • Rug Number: 1420
  • Dimensions: 5.3 x 6.5
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Type: Khotan
  • Design: Geometric
  • Main Color: Brown
  • Secondary Color: Beige

Afghanistan: Made using natural dyes and hand-spun wool by ethnich Turkmen weavers in in northern Afghanistan. The design used on this rug is from an aincint Khton rug.

The Kingdom of Khotan was an ancient Buddhist kingdom that was located on the branch of the Silk Road that ran along the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert in the Tarim basin. (The area lies in present day XinjiangChina.) The ancient city ofKhotan, the kingdom's capital, was original located to the west of modern day Khotan at Yotkan.

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