Custom Pad Cutting

Custom rug padding, shipped domestically for free with all rugs purchsed from Noor and Sons, is an essential aspect of caring for your oriental rug investments. Our in-house experts can help you select the correct padding for your rugs and correctly custom-cut them to suit your needs. Visit us or call today to request an estimate for your custom pad.

Recommended Rug Pads

Durra hole Pad is an acrylic and polypropylene-blend pad with a 60% natural rubber fused to the back. Durra hole doesn't "grow," shred, or emit harmful emissions and contains no PVC to discolor flooring. Durra hole is hypoallergenic, insect resistant, and maintainable. It gives a firm cushion to help protect furniture from "breaking the rug's back."

How It Works: Special thermally-bonded sets of non-directional chevron shaped ridges on the upper side grip your area rug so it won't slip off the pad. Natural octagon-grid rubber on the underside grips the floor holding fast to help prevent slipping and tripping hazards. The result is maximum wear protection with maximum non-skid performance.

Designed For: Use over bare floors like brick, ceramic, concrete, *hardwood, linoleum, marble, tile, etc. Thickness: 1/4 inch.

NOTE: Helps but doesn't cure area rug "checkering" caused by wide and deep spaces between tiles. *The National Hardwood Association recommends Durra hole pads as the best pad to allow wood floors to "breathe" and keep a more consistent color tone in all areas.

Gripper Pad is a rubber compact pad and is the alternative for rugs that need a pad with even less thickness than Durra hole (generally thin rugs on top of a very smooth surface). This pad is insect resistant.
Designed For: Use over smooth hard surfaces. Thickness: 3/32 inch.

NOTE: Due to the rubber construction and compact nature of this pad, there is little airflow between the floor and the pad. With natural hardwood floors this lack of airflow can contribute to a "lighter" floor color underneath rugs over time as the floor around the rugs gain an age- related patina that "darkens" with environmental exposure. Once the rugs and pads are moved, this color will even out over time. This is why Durra hole is recommended for wood floors.